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The consumption market prospect of the global plastic industry is expected.

core tip: from the data of a hardness is not a simple physical concept group, the global market demand for hard plastics will reach 284million tons in 2016. It can be seen that the global plastic industry DSM announced that it will invest in building new factories in North America, and the market prospect of the cost is expected. In terms of demand, Europe will become the fastest-growing market for global plastic demand during the year

according to a set of data, the global rigid plastic market demand will reach 284million tons in 2016, which shows that the market prospect of global plastic industry consumption is foreseeable. In terms of demand, Europe will become the fastest-growing market for global plastic demand during the year

axis research mind recently released a report that due to the strong demand for sheet materials (hard/soft plastics), resins (thermoplastic/thermosetting plastics) and end products (such as food packaging, beverage packaging, building materials plastics, medical plastics), the global plastic consumption in 2016 is expected to exceed 500 million tons

thanks to the rapid rise and development of emerging countries, PP and PE will become a strong driving force for the plastic industry to move forward. In the next three years, its market demand rate will account for 46% of the total demand

axis research mind said that the successive improvement of hard/soft packaging, resin, sheet materials, end product applications and other markets is conducive to further boosting plastic demand and promoting the healthy development of the global plastic industry. There are many investment opportunities for the 6th plastic industry, and there is a huge space for development. In recent years, plastic packaging has become one of the hot investment industries

in terms of the terminal application field of plastic products, consumer electronics is expected to become the market with the fastest growth in plastic demand. In the future, there will be several multi-material 3dnbsp with breakthrough total operating costs; The demand for printer solutions will grow at a CAGR of 9% in In addition, the application prospect of plastics in daily necessities, automobiles, household appliances, medical care and other fields is also very promising

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