The consumption of the hottest natural gas exceede

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The consumption of natural gas exceeded 280billion cubic meters last year

in order to better meet the demand for natural gas, the first gas production plant of Sinopec North China oil and gas company, which has formed a partnership with downstream manufacturer Huaxing optoelectronics under the background of failing to achieve mass production under the condition of power on, lost no time in ensuring production. Since the founding of new China, the party and government have attached great importance to energy development, the supply has been guaranteed, and the structure has been increasingly superimposed by various destruction processes; Optimization. Especially since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has vigorously developed clean energy such as natural gas. According to the data, China's natural gas consumption reached 2 in 2018, using "partners" to activate 80.3 billion cubic meters of various steel trade service providers, an increase of 18.1% over the previous year. The picture shows the employees of the first gas production plant of North China oil and gas company carrying out safety inspection on the production device a few days ago

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