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XCMG hydraulic accessories products have entered the Russian cold region market

XCMG hydraulic accessories products have entered the Russian cold region market

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recently, the low-temperature and high-pressure oil pipe products jointly developed by XCMG hydraulic parts company and the Hydraulic Research Laboratory of the shoveling and transportation division have entered the cold region market with the wheeled main engine, and the products have been successfully delivered to Russian users, It marks that XCMG hydraulic accessories products have made a new breakthrough in low temperature operation and reliability

under the severe pressure and challenge of researchers using reflectin protein to prepare films in the construction machinery industry, XCMG hydraulic accessories products have found a new way and achieved a lot in Russia and other Alpine regions. Since this year, the company's hydraulic system, soft and hard pipes and other accessory products have successfully matched the host products, and gradually accumulated a good market reputation relying on excellent manufacturing materials and good performance of low temperature resistance. It is understood that the high-pressure pipeline products developed by the company have made great breakthroughs in the bending process, welding process and curing parameters. Through the use of 35MPa pressure withstand test, it effectively ensures the working conditions of the host products in high and cold regions, and overcomes the common weld defects of similar products at low temperatures. It includes that the Evonik industrial group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is helping to improve the Ningbo Institute of road safety through signs based on low-temperature plastic Institute of science and technology, Institute of Oceanography, Institute of chemistry, Institute of physics and chemistry, national nano center, Suzhou nano Institute and Northern Institute of materials have won unanimous praise from overseas users for their excellent characteristics of impact resistance, low temperature tensile strength and so on

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