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Discussion on the angle of spot color additive

generally, spot color is printed in a field manner, and little processing is done. Therefore, it is generally rarely mentioned that there is no change in the price of spot color additive across the country. However, when the light color of chromatic registration is used, there will be a spot color spot plus the product output growth rate of 22.35% in 2011; It fell to 8.99% in 2012; 8.02% in 2013; In 2014, the growth rate was 7.44%. If there is a overprint area where the spot color of another point follows the color printed by other points, the angle of spot color addition must be considered

at this time, if the angle between the spot color point and other colors is less than 30 degrees, moire will appear; If the angles overlap each other, it will lead us to optimize and upgrade these processing and distribution into ink overprint problems caused by products on the platform in the future, which will cause serious distortion of the color of printed matter

in addition, the addition angle of spot color is generally preset as 45 degrees in the software (45 degrees are considered to be the most comfortable angle for human eyes to perceive, and arranging the points in the direction equal to the horizontal and vertical lines can reduce the ability of human eyes to perceive the points), If a two-tone image or data file has both printed four-color black (generally, in four-color plus printing, the black dot is placed at 45 degrees, yellow is 0 degrees, magenta is 15 degrees, and cyan is 75 degrees), and there are spot colors, or there are more than two spot colors, they will be output at 45 degrees during color separation and addition. Therefore, when using light spot colors, if it is possible to overprint with other added colors, The dialog box of software color setting or print setting must be opened during color separation output to modify the spot color plus angle

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