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Steel mills resume production to fill the weak adjustment of steel prices. Tagore said that if you cry because you miss the sun, you will also miss the stars. Most of the time, if you complain because you are not happy at all, you will continue to be unhappy

last Friday, the black series of futures snails rebounded at a low level, standing at 3600, and the double coke rebounded, led by iron ore, with a decline of 2.28%; Tesla plans to build the largest super charging station in Europe in Norway; Institutions predict that CPI will rise by 1.8% year-on-year in October, and monetary policy may remain neutral; Due to the remarkable effect of urban policy regulation, the industry expects the "golden nine and silver ten" of the property market to be bleak this year; Steel industry: steel enterprises may still be profitable in the fourth quarter; The consumption of waste steel from steelmaking in China exceeded 100 million tons for the first time

1. As of October 27, the average price of 20mmhrb400e rebar in 24 major markets in China was 4067 yuan/ton, down 7 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; The average price of 4.75mm hot rolled coil in 24 major markets in China was 4166 yuan/ton, down 22 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; The average price of MM common medium plate in 23 major markets in China was 4169 yuan/ton, down 18 yuan/ton from the previous trading day; The average price of 1.0mm cold rolled coil in 23 major markets in China was 4731 yuan/ton, down 6 yuan/ton from the previous trading day

comments: last week, the domestic steel market prices rose first and then fell. Although the prices of various varieties fell to varying degrees, the overall decline was not large, and the average price adjustment of individual varieties was less than 1%. After the sharp decline of futures last Friday, the market sentiment was mostly empty, and the market transaction was weak. Therefore, the trend of this week still needs to pay attention to the transaction situation. In addition, although the north is still affected by the "2+26" and the environmental protection and production restriction in the heating season, we should also see that the demand side has also been restrained, and in addition, recently, some steel mills that stopped production in the early stage have resumed production to fill the supply side. Therefore, the domestic steel market price may be adjusted weakly

5. In the process of the experiment,

2. The quotation of Tangshan ordinary billet temporarily stabilized to 3700 yuan/ton (down 20 on Saturday and up 20 on Sunday); On Friday, the 62% Platts iron ore index fell $3.20 to $59.10

3. Last Friday, the main force of night trading thread closed 3600, down 19; The main part of the hot coil closed at 3863, down 26; Iron ore closed at 429.5, down 10; Coke closed 1746, up 12; Coking coal closed at 1113, up 10.5. (Note: the rise and fall range of all main contracts is the difference between the settlement price of the previous day)

4. Last Friday, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3416.81 points, up 0.27%, with a turnover of 212.377 billion. The Shenzhen composite index closed at 11444.52 points, down 0.15%, with a turnover of 250.851 billion. The gem index fell 0.76% to 1896.22 points, with a turnover of 66.409 billion. The total turnover of the two cities was 463.228 billion

5. The US dollar index jumped more than 10 points, and as of 06:30 on October 30, Beijing time, the US dollar index was at 94.91; The central parity rate of the RMB against the US dollar was 6.6473, down 185 basis points

6. Last Friday, London Metals fell collectively, with London copper falling 2.04% to $6843.5/ton; Lun aluminum fell 0.23%, which can reduce the inspection time to $2185/ton; LUNI nickel fell 1.36% to US $11585/ton; Lun zinc fell 1.61% to US $3173/ton

7. Last Friday, WTI December crude oil futures rose 2.39% to $53.9/barrel, hitting a closing high of nearly eight months, with a weekly rise of 4%

1. Yu Yongding of the Academy of Social Sciences: at present, the average annual loan interest of private enterprises is 16.7%, which is unbearable for many enterprises. In addition, financial institutions want private enterprises to save money before lending; The loan period for private enterprises is short, generally not more than 1 year. Financial enterprises should not only make money, but also serve the real economy and society

2. Securities: October is approaching the end, and the price increase of edible agricultural products is basically stable. Many institutions predict the CPI and PPI in October. Many institutions believe that the year-on-year increase of CPI in October this year may be between 1.7% and 1.9%, with a median of 1.8%. The increase is slightly higher than that of last month

3. Centaline real estate: the inflection point of housing prices in the first and second tier cities brought about by the property market regulation policy has appeared for the first time, that is, in recent three years, the housing prices in 15 hot cities have stopped rising for two consecutive months for the first time. The regulation effect is expected to continue to affect the market in the fourth quarter of 2017, and it is expected that the regulation policy will continue to be implemented according to the city in the future

4. Xinhua News Agency: Tesla, the American electric vehicle company, plans to build the largest super charging station in Europe in Norway this year. After completion, 42 super charging piles will be equipped. In recent years, the Norwegian electric vehicle market has developed rapidly. In the first nine months of 2017, the market share of Norwegian electric vehicles was 32%

1. Xinhua News Agency: in the recent week, the domestic spot steel price composite index closed at 150.96 points, down 0.39% for the week. Steel prices will continue to fluctuate repeatedly under the influence of good supply side and bad demand side, showing a weak trend in the range of lm358 chip driven by certain linear amplification circuit 12V, - 12V dual power supply

2. Scrap Association: statistics show that from January to September this year, the national crude steel output was 638.73 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 34.95 million tons, an increase of 5.8%. The total consumption of scrap steel was 101.23 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 36.53 million tons, an increase of 56.5%, and the scrap ratio reached 15.85%, with a year-on-year increase of 5 percentage points

3. Yimei Research Institute: Although most large mines in the main producing areas were not affected during the 19th national congress, small and medium-sized coal mines in various regions stopped production more and will gradually resume production later, and the market has high expectations for the further release of supply. At the same time, with the gradual implementation of the downstream consumption reduction policy and the outflow of traders' stock, the market supply and demand situation has changed and the market downward trend has been established

4. Last Friday, the Baltic dry bulk index fell 0.6% to 1546 points, down 2.03% for the week

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