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In recent years, solid wood flooring has further deepened the cooperation between enterprises and local governments. Because of its excellent product characteristics, cost performance and good stability, solid wood flooring has become a dark horse in China's wood flooring market. The sales volume of products has increased at a rate of more than 25% per year. Solid wood flooring products have become one of the floor decoration materials most concerned by consumers. The unit responsible for drafting the national standard of solid wood flooring. It took two years for nature brand flooring to tackle key technical problems. In January 2004, the super wear-resistant technology of steel porcelain surface was successfully applied to the field of solid wood flooring products, causing a strong earthquake in China's wood flooring industry. At the same time, it also marks that compared with the lithium-ion cathode material project invested and constructed by the traditional bulletproof glass in Shehong County, the technological revolution has achieved a new breakthrough. The super wear-resistant technology of natural steel porcelain surface adopts new environmental protection coatings and advanced super wear-resistant technology of steel porcelain surface, realizing environmental protection, high hardness, high solid content, yellowing resistance, fire prevention, flame retardancy Super wear-resistant and other excellent characteristics first make the automobile lightweight project, and the wear-resistant revolution is as high as thousands of revolutions; At the same time, the steel porcelain surface is super wear-resistant, and the special rolling process technology of five primers and two finishing coats is adopted to make the paint particles penetrate into the fiber holes of the wood. The hardness of the paint surface is up to 4h, the adhesion and scratch resistance of the paint surface meet the national first-class standard, and at the same time, it has excellent touch sensitivity

with the national listing of super wear-resistant solid wood flooring with natural steel porcelain surface, the competition for the solid wood flooring market will surge, and consumers will also get more value for money products

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