The hottest steel of Baosteel will stand the test

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Baosteel steel will stand the test of wind and rain for a century in the two bridges.

the Hangzhou Bay Bridge was officially opened to traffic at midnight on May 1, and the Sutong Bridge is about to open to traffic. These two bridges have milestone significance in the history of bridge construction in China, marking the leap from "a big country in bridge construction" to "a powerful country in bridge construction". In this leap, Baosteel played an important role, not only including the steel for the highly difficult stay cables of Sutong Bridge, but also providing the green building material slag powder for Hangzhou Bay Bridge. With the opening of two bridges with a design life of more than 100 years, Baosteel products will also withstand the test of wind and rain for a century

Sutong bridge mainly forbids inserting any object into the detector, and sometimes adopts cast structure (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.) (causing detector damage, with a span of 1088 meters. It is the world's first span cable-stayed bridge built at present, and is praised by the international bridge community as "a cable-stayed bridge representing the highest level of bridge construction technology in the world". On Sutong Bridge, more than 6500 tons of galvanized steel wire made by Baosteel is woven into 272 cable-stayed cables, supporting the "backbone" of the bridge 。 As the most important stressed component of cable-stayed bridge, each cable is woven by hundreds of galvanized steel wires. The fatigue resistance, breaking resistance, tensile and bending resistance of cable depend on the performance of steel wires. In order to ensure the quality of Sutong Bridge, Baosteel has successfully developed a new product of high-strength and low relaxation galvanized steel wire for stay cables with good torsional performance, and formed a large-scale production capacity, realizing the high-strength galvanized steel for stay cables of Sutong Bridge 3, room temperature 10oC ⑶ 5oC; The localization of silk has broken the monopoly of foreign enterprises in this field for decades and established a national brand

the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, with a total length of 36 kilometers, is currently the longest sea crossing bridge in the world and one of the most difficult sea crossing bridges in the world. The bridge is located in a highly corrosive marine environment. In order to ensure that the service life of the bridge is equal to or greater than 100 years, Baosteel and domestic scientific research institutions jointly developed a special admixture slag powder for high-performance marine concrete to fill the domestic gap, and batch used for the Pier Casting of Hangzhou Bay bridge. The use of this product has improved the density of concrete materials, formed a concrete structure with low permeability, high density and low defects, and fundamentally improved the anti-corrosion capacity of concrete structures. In recent years, it has laid a solid "foundation" for the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, a maritime "Wolong"

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