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According to the data monitoring, the inventory of steel pipes from the end of June to July has been rising, while the social inventory of welded pipes has decreased slightly. Specifically, the total inventory of steel pipes in China is 1.2645 million tons, an increase of 16800 tons month on month

the ex factory price of 108*4.5 seamless pipes in Linyi, Shandong Province is 4850 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton from last month. However, the situation of the two professional teams of shipping agents and production enterprise services for rolling, welding and forming is not ideal. The current settlement price is at yuan/ton. The price rise this month is mainly affected by the news. Tangshan has limited production and the supply side has tightened, driving the blank price upward. Seamless pipes are limited by profits, and the manufacturers have followed up, but the demand has followed up slowly. In the later stage, our focus is on regenerative medicine. On the one hand, especially with the rise of inventory, the sales pressure increases, mainly low-cost shipments. On the other hand, there is strong support in the cost side, and the low price is relatively strong

on July 23, Tianjin welded pipe delivered 4-inch 3.25 mainstream yuan/ton, and the market price was yuan/ton. Under the condition that the overall social inventory of welded pipes is relatively stable, the inventory of enterprises has an upward trend, which shows that the downstream trade is cautious in taking goods and is not active in participating in the market, which causes the mismatch between the electrical performance of terminals and aluminum alloy cables, and the inventory pressure borne by welded pipe enterprises is large. Therefore, in the early stage of this round of rise, welded pipe manufacturers mostly postpone the rise and take advantage of the rise to ship. However, at present, the inventory pressure of enterprises is still not small. Firstly, the operating rate remains high, and secondly, the terminal digestion capacity is limited

from the perspective of both supply and demand, the steel market:

on the supply side, the production of Tangshan steel enterprises is partially limited. According to statistics, the daily output of steel strip is 28500 tons. According to the current market response, the actual implementation of the production limit has not been as expected, the overall impact is limited, and the power to raise prices is limited, but the support is good. On the demand side, this month is the off-season of demand, the progress of downstream projects slows down, inventory accumulation, and price restrictions are relatively large. Therefore, we judged that the market operated in a narrow range this week and continued to track the depth and duration of production restriction in the later stage

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