Reasons and solutions for high consumption of trad

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Reasons and solutions for high consumption of traditional Chinese medicine in flotation process

reasons and solutions for high consumption of traditional Chinese medicine in flotation process

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flotation reagents play an important role in the flotation process. If the reagent consumption is too high, the flotation cost will inevitably increase, thereby reducing the economic benefits of enterprises. Engineer Li of Hongxing machine beneficiation Research Institute has put forward several ways to solve the high consumption of flotation reagents in the flotation process. Here we borrow flowers to offer Buddha for your reference

in the flotation process, the ore particles expand the particle floatability under the action of flotation reagents. The ore particles with good floatability float up, overflow in the pulp, and then dehydrate and dry to get the finished product. In actual production, the flotation process of slime separation often has the phenomenon of high consumption of flotation reagents, which seriously affects the product quality. Taking slime separation as an example, this paper explains the causes and solutions of high consumption of flotation reagents

1. There are many kinds of raw coal to be washed and frequent changes in washing, resulting in unstable flotation concentration

ensure that the floating concentration is controlled at 90g/l-100g/l. If there is a concentration that does not meet the requirements, timely record the type of raw coal and washing volume when it changes for later inspection. Grasp the raw coal washing situation in advance, determine a reasonable reagent system, and adopt different flotation operations and different reagent addition ratios for raw coal of different mines

2. The flotation operators are lack of experience in the operation of various coal floatation

a flotation operator training plan can be established to train flotation operators in theory and skills and improve the operation level of flotation operators

3. Routine maintenance and cleaning of flotation equipment are not in place

clean the flotation machine and pulp preparer once a week, check the reagent atomization plate at any time, ensure the atomization effect of the reagent, save the consumption of the reagent to automatically start recording the experimental data within 1 minute, and automatically terminate the experiment after reaching the set time, strengthen the inspection of the equipment, and timely report and repair the problems found in the flotation machine and pulp preparer

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