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Reasons and solutions for uneven line pressing in carton die cutting

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core tip: uneven line pressing occurs from time to time in various carton factories. Although this is only a small problem that can be preset in a cycle, it will affect carton molding and lead to low efficiency of subsequent carton sticking. This paper will analyze how to solve the problem of uneven pressing line from three aspects

the non straight pressing line of die cutting is mainly caused by the mismatch between die cutting pressure and die cutting consumables. Relatively speaking, the factory's mold inspection and requirements are basically blank. Let's analyze the causes and solutions of non straight pressing line:

1 Analysis of the problem of the thin die-cutting plate of the pressing strip: the template should be selected according to the ridge shape of the cardboard when making the carton die-cutting plate. For example, the thickness of the three-layer cardboard die-cutting plate is 18 mm, while the thickness of the five-layer cardboard is 15 mm. The thickness of the whole die-cutting plate is 23.8 mm. If we need to die-cut three-layer paperboard, and choose to use a 15 mm template, the pressure line is relatively high. When the die-cutting plate is squeezed during die-cutting production, the pressure line will be skewed, resulting in uneven die-cutting pressure line and changes in position

solution: choose different die-cutting plate thickness according to different ridge types

2. Problem analysis: many die-cutting machine captains like to stick the sponge on the edge of the line, with almost no gap. This is a misunderstanding. When the sponge is too close to the line, under the pressure of die-cutting pressure, the rapid development of sea and LED technology will squeeze the line, and over time, the line will become loose, resulting in uneven line

solution: the installation of conventional sponges should be more than 2mm deep

3. Poor mold making

problem analysis: if the pressing line position is not straight during mold making, it will also appear during production. Secondly, the pressing line of die-cutting plate making is not fixed enough. If the notch for installing the pressing line is too large or too tight, the pressing line effect will be affected

solution: choose a well-made mold

if the die cutting and pressing line is not straight, you must check the mold condition and the wear state of the pressing plate or Youli rubber pad. After appropriate adjustment, if the carton pressing line is square, the appearance of the carton can also be guaranteed, and at the same time, the production efficiency and quality of the subsequent process can be improved

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