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Single sided machine - reasons for different sizes when producing corrugated board

when producing two layers with a single-sided machine, we should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is vertical corrugated board. After slitting, there are many reasons for the uneven size or misalignment:

1. The pressure of the pressure roller of the die-cutting machine is too small, resulting in poor paper feeding. But it can be solved by increasing pressure at a low or high level

2. The base paper has high moisture content and low pre heat. There is a large amount of glue and the speed is too fast. The corrugated cardboard produced has high water content, and the hardness of the corrugated cannot be reached. Moreover, the production speed of the single-sided machine is far faster than that of the die-cutting machine, resulting in the backlog of cardboard before die-cutting, resulting in poor paper flow at the loose parts

3. The rubber pressure roller of the die-cutting machine is worn, or the surface is uneven, intermittent pressure will occur, and uneven length will also occur

4. The upper and lower pressure roller bearings of the die-cutting machine are similar to the wear of household appliances, and the operation is not synchronized

5. The differential of die-cutting machine transmission is worn. (Wen/Yu Xiaobo)

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